Wednesday, January 03, 2007


The guitar I'm going to build is a 3/4 classical with a scale length of 580mm. It is based of an reduced version of the Torres plan "Antonio de Torres 1" from Roy Courtnall's book. All measurements have been reduced to fit the shorter scale apart form the head of the guitar, that has been reduced only about 2% in order to accommodate a standard set of tuning machines.

The soundboard bracing is different from Courtnall's Torres. I have chosen to emulate Jeffrey Elliott's Torres/Hauser with the open harmonic bar. I don't have any particularly good reason for doing so, other than I was speculating that maybe the open harmonic bar would allow more of the already smaller soundboard to vibrate freely. Maybe I was just seduced by the nice photographs on Jeffrey Elliott's website.

Other than that I pretty much intend to stick with convention though chances are I might alter things a little as I go along, goof, learn, progress and discover. It has been quite fun redrawing the plan. It made me consider and investigate a lot of things I wouldn't otherwise have thought of.



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Anonymous said...

Hi Erik,

Just thought I would try leaving a comment. I like the sound of the Open Harmonic Bar on my Torres with Tornavoz. The Bass on my guitar sounds quite good to me since I installed the Tornavoz. You know, like a Bass Reflex Speaker box that has been tuned to optimize frequency response.

It took quite a while to load all your site at 33 kbps dial-up but I got 'er all.

Bill in Ventura