Wednesday, January 24, 2007



Things didn't go to well last night. I started cutting up my neck blank and left the scarf joint cut to last - not a good idea. When I finally got to do it, my saw wandered and left an uneven cut. I blame the saw. I think the teeth has to be reset. A bad workman always blames his tools.... This would normally not be to much of a problem as the joint faces is trued with a block plane but, doing so, I was running out of excess neck stock fast. On top of that, I realized that the cut ended up being at a 17º angle rather than the 15º I was aiming for, making matters worse. 15º is already on the steep side for a classical guitar and 17º is definitely the limit. The joint will be under increased stress from the string tension and the glue surface is left smaller. I was barely able get the thing straightened and had 1mm of excess neck left when I was done, but I'm stuck with a 17º neck joint!

I should have taken some photographs of the joint faces before I started to plane them, but I was panicking and forgot .

Then things took a turn for the worse. As I was preparing to glue the joint, I couldn't help noticing that the whole neck looked a bit wide, but didn't think much of it. I cut my clamping cauls 3" wide to fit and when I started a dry run of the clamping I noticed that the cauls were 3/4" too narrow - or rather, the neck was 3/4" too wide. How did that happen? I'm freaking out here. One thing is to drop something by accident or execute a task poorly because of lack of experience, but this!!! What is next?

I gathered myself and cut the extra width off, measuring everything veeeeeery carefully - hands shaking, skit marks all over the place, and glued the thing together to what seemed to be a satisfactory joint. Still 17º though.

I'm really scared now!





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