Monday, February 05, 2007



On Saturday I started working on the headpiece. After I had transfered the template to the face veneer, I trimmed the waste of with a coping saw and planed the way to the final dimension with a low angle block plane.

After that it was time to cut the crest of the head in the Torres style. Again here, I started out cutting the waste with the coping saw and after that I went about getting it down with various files in a random manner. I took forever to do and I got a bit lost. I also got some chipping here and there that luckily was repairable. What seemed to be an easy task didn't turn out to be so after all. In the end I gave up on the files and switched to a chisel and was able slowly to pare my way back to final dimension and finish it off with a scraper to a satisfactory result. I must admit I found the chisel much easier to control that the files.





An observation,

The Torres head crest design is a rather simple one and one should think that carving it out also should be rather simple. However, I found the big graceful curves quite difficult to achieve. They continued to look a bit skewed, flatter on one side that the other, etc. I made me wonder if a more complicated design in fact would be easier to carve because it would have many more reference points to aim for.

I hindsight I think I should have gone about the business by cutting it out in facetted steps to control symmetry and form better.

The lesson I took from this is that one should never underestimate something that appears to be a simple task. Not that cutting the crest out is necessary is a difficult one, but if you don't pay attention to what you are doing you can very easily loose track. It is a little bit like the first time got your driving license. You drove around very carefully the first couple of days slowly gaining your confidence and then thinking: This is not really that hard, letting your guard down only to have your first accident or near miss.

This time was luckily just a near miss for me.

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